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Why fighting never works – A Covid-19 perspective

 Stop the political squabbling already. Please. The Pandemic and the unhelpful response Thinking about the the facts of what is happening in our world with regards to the Covid-19 virus feels pretty horrific to me. And what makes me feel even worse? My thoughts about all of the political squabbling…on ALL sides. All of that energy being utilized to finger
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How Greed

Here’s something to think about today.  Stop. Ask yourself, and really pay attention to the answer…. “How does it feel when I ask myself a question?”   Questions like, “Why is this happening?” “How do I fix this?” “Why isn’t this working?” “What’s wrong with me?” “How did I get myself into this situation?” “When will this be over?”  How
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Gratitude: Practice Wanting What You Already Have

When we think about what we want, we usually don’t include what we already have. When we practice wanting what we already have, complaining goes out the window. People often say that they don’t want to do what they are doing, and yet, they wouldn’t be doing it if they really didn’t want to, deep down. It is interesting
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Mirroring Emotions

Our child gets angry that quiet time isn’t over and then they become super mad when they don’t get their way.  THEN, we get mad because they are getting mad. We call this mirroring emotions, and it isn’t necessary.   It’s not really helpful when we let these tiny people and their “poor” behavior dictate who are going to
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Stop Being Stuck and Be Powerful

In life, we think that if something changed, we’d be happy. If someone changed, we would feel so much better. If something hadn’t happened, we could be who we want to be. If our circumstances were different, we could show up in the world and be the best versions of ourselves, ready to make a difference for ourselves and
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I Messed Up. Now What?

When we think of the word “Integrity” we link it to the idea of morality, to having strong moral values and principles. And when we (or others) do something that “lacks integrity,” we tend to judge ourselves, adding shame and guilt to the fact that we missed the mark. Did you know that there is another definition of integrity,
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Why is ANXIETY the new epidemic? Especially among our YOUNG CHILDREN?

 Anxiety is the new epidemic, especially among our children.      This is a statement that I am hearing more and more and one that is easy to find evidence to prove. Kids are suffering from anxiety, stress, nervousness, worry, frustration, and parents don’t know what to do about it, right? In my own culture, a conservative community where
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How to Feel Better in One Easy Step

Sometimes something that looks pretty or sounds nice, isn’t.   Sometimes we pretend our beliefs about other people are just common sense and we hang onto these beliefs in order to justify ourselves and our own agenda and it keeps our own ego intact.   And we get a nice juicy payoff. We get to be right and it
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Manuals are for Appliances. Not Your Family.

Whenever we get a new appliance, I hear the same question. “Did you read the manual before you started to use that _________________ oven, blow-dryer, refrigerator? You’ll find it will work better for you if you understand how it works.”   Me: “It’s a TOASTER! SHOULDN’T it act like any other toaster?”   Joel: “You never know. I always
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How to improve your child’s mental fitness

Today’s world is tricky to manage, to say the least, and yet as parents we worry that if the world is tricky for us to manage, how in the world are we to expect our kids to manage their emotional well-being in this fast-paced, demanding world that they live in? How do we help them with things like stress,
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Stop Fighting. Start Flourishing!

Stop Fighting. Start Flourishing You’re watching your children fight AGAIN! You want it to stop. They are driving you crazy. You can’t find a way to stop them. They won’t listen to you. You’ve tried everything and don’t know what to do. You’re exhausted. You think, “Someday they’ll regret the way they are treating each other. I hope they
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Thought Tweaks – Thought Shifts to Help Your Family Get Better Results

Give your brain a new job!   Did you know your brain has a job? Yep! AND it’s super efficient at getting the job done! It’s not a quitter. It keeps doing its job over and over and over again. And sometimes the job its doing is actually TERRIBLE! And it doesn’t even know it. Maybe you could try
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