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One on One coaching for children

Are you tired of feeling exasperated?

Do you want to feel competent and confident in guiding your child?

Your child’s behavior is less than ideal, to put it mildly.  You are concerned that if left unchecked and left without discipline (teaching with love), your children won’t grow and develop in healthy ways and they’ll end up being indulged and spoiled, and certainly not very pleasant to be around.

In the ensuing chaos, you end up feeling like they are the one’s running the show.  Everyone else in the family feels like they are at the mercy of this child’s behavior.

You can see the future before your eyes, and it’s not pretty. You may be thinking, “This is not what I thought I was signing up for!”


In my program, I help parents change their thinking in ways that help them to  feel confident.

They learn that they are not at the mercy of their child. Parents discover tools to not only help themselves feel better, but that help them to teach their children to manage life in healthy ways and feel better, too!

My clients learn to teach their children with love and learn to guide them, helping them to learn the tools of self-mastery, respect of others and self, curiosity for life, the love of learning, and managing relationships with helpful interpersonal skills.

Are you frustrated, and feel like you are at a breaking point? Do you just want the stress to go away? Do you feel trapped and are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

I’ve got great news! There are answers to these problems and they aren’t as hard to implement into your family’s life as you might think.   

What I have discovered is that using thought work in parenting is AMAZING! When we teach a child mindsight tools to our children, they flourish.


Why a coach for your child?

Sometimes parents are the last people the child wants to listen to, creating a power struggle that can be avoided. Having a “thought” coach for the child gives the parent the support that they need to implement these tools and create more peace in family life.

My clients also learn to establish healthy boundaries and limits, create positive teaching moments that make a difference for their children, and learn to infuse life with a bit of joy and lightness, adding a little creativity to the mix so that life doesn’t feel so heavy and challenging.


Positive Parenting

When you apply thought work to parenting, not only will you get a better hold on positive discipline and feel good about your parenting, your child can learn the skills of mindsight, too, which helps them to also live a life that is CREATED, not one that just happens to be showing up by default.

You can guide your child in very constructive ways, giving him a better chance at living into a life that is satisfying and productive, which leads to confidence, joy, contribution to others, and having positive relationships.

Let me know if you would like to spend an hour with me. I would love to see you get some peace as well as the confidence that you so desire!

After all, your child is lucky to have you as his parent, someone who cares and who will do anything to help him . There’s no better time than NOW to turn things around. Let’s make a difference for your child, your family, and YOU. 


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