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Hi. I’m Sue, and I’m a mental fitness coach.

For the past six years, I’ve been on my own deep-dive journey, and I’ve learned some things along the way. I know what it feels like to be pulled in every direction and feel stuck. O.K. maybe a lot stuck. Life’s challenges were enough on my plate, let alone even considering that there could be something more. 

But I kept looking. 

This is when I discovered the power of coaching, of managing my own mental fitness in a whole new way that I had no idea could make this kind of difference.

Now I’ve learned how to live a life of my own choosing, a life where what happens to show up isn’t running the show. And the best part about it? I didn’t have to wait for anyone or anything else outside of me to change before I could be happy.

My current life? It’s the bomb. I’m happy. I’m fulfilled, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to get here. It’s definitely easier than the alternative, which is to stay stuck. Yeah. That is not an optimal way to live.

Now I help women like you, women who want to have the courage to take a minute for themselves and choose the next steps for their lives, too.

It’s time for you stop doing what you’ve always done. Trust me. It’s time for a PIVOT. Do something different. Do something for YOU.

You will transform your life. And if feels so much better. I promise.

You – Living a Drama-Free life

Being at the top of the list really should be an option, right? And yet, most days you’ve got so much going on that taking a minute for yourself doesn’t even hit your radar, except to beat yourself up. 

You see other women take care of themselves, have their own backs, and yet your life keeps getting in the way.

Hey, it’s your job to make everybody else happy, right?


I’ve been where you are. My children were pretty much raised, I had a good life, but I knew there was something more out there for me, a next phase where I could really be free to do what I wanted. Deep down I wanted to live a life where I could finally take care of myself, have a little fun, try something new, and maybe even explore a few hidden talents.  

The life I live now? I have to pinch myself. Almost daily. It’s hard to believe that THIS is the life I get to live. I’m happy, I know how to say no, (without hurting anyone else in the process), I have my own back, and the amazing thing is? My ability to love, support, and contribute hasn’t been diminished at all in the process.  In fact, it’s just gotten bigger. And this time it feels easier.  And the best news? Adventure. Passion. Love. Learning. Growth. Friendships. Connection. It’s all available for the taking. 

And don’t tell anybody, but I kinda like who I have become.

 It’s your turn

Are you ready for a life of your own choosing?  I would love to help you get there, too.

How Coaching is Different


Taking a peek inside the real you

In coaching, we look at what is going on inside your mind, the one place where you have a say in getting the life you want.

The approach we take creates immediate change. The results you've been waiting for? They show up to the party you call life.

And when you learn the skills of self-care? What you want not only gets within your reach, you actually create the life you want...and live it.

What to expect

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A learned talent

Some women know how to show up for themselves naturally. Others need a little help. In coaching, you learn just what to do to have your own back.

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Guilt-Free Living

Peace and confidence

Have you always had trouble saying no? Are you a people pleaser? You will discover how to help people without always saying yes.

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Self-love and Mastery

The freedom ticket

By managing your mind, you will discover drama-free living. And the next steps to take? You'll learn to trust yourself and find the answers. The tools for self-mastery will be in your pocket and you'll pull them out and use them.

Getting the life you thought you'd signed up for

Getting unstuck is not as hard as you might think. 
Will it take a little effort? Yes. And it’s worth it. 

Wanting to give up on your dreams is tempting, 
and yet it's really not the road for optimal living, right? 

Are ready for something different? 

Something that not only works, but is amazing? 

And how about we throw in a drama-free life as a bonus? 

Let me show you how to live the life that you thought you were signing up for.

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