To get unstuck, you don’t have to wait for anyone or anything else to change. I know that’s hard to believe. And it’s true. 

As humans it is very common for us to believe that other people in our lives are the ones who are keeping us stuck. This isn’t really the case. While that would be convenient to believe, that kind of thinking really just let’s us off the hook. When we can point our fingers at everyone else, it really doesn’t get us anywhere. RIght?

Let’s just pretend it’s true. Let’s just hand over our power and wait for them to change. Is that really the best course? Will that get you what you want? Nope. I’m not hanging my hat on that option. No sir. No way. I might just have to wait FOREVER. 

What I have learned in life, and what I teach my clients, is that the person who really has a say in your life, who can get you off ground zero, is you.  

If that’s the case, then what?

Good News

When you start to believe that you don’t have to wait for anyone or anything else outside of you to change before you can create your life, what next?

Well, if you don’t have the right tools, you just might end up as a heap on the floor and feel depressed. Gosh. You might not want to even get out of bed.

However, with a helpful new mindset in your pocket, you will start to believe in yourself. You will start to think differently and things will start to shift.  

Now, be warned, when you learn to coach yourself and you start to emerge as the next best version of yourself, you will start to think a little differently, and sometimes that can feel a little bit uncomfortable. You are not used to the new you, right? Can you see that happening? Being your new self will take a little practice, and that’s o.k. . 

One of the things you learn in coaching is how to manage that twinge of discomfort when you step outside your comfort zone. And you start to actually live a life that you create for yourself on purpose. 

Another thing starts to change, too. And it’s a teensy bit exciting. O.K. It’s a LOT exciting. You start thinking of all kinds of things that you want to transform. You live a life that you actually want to live and it excites you. No way are you settling for staying stuck. You’re not ready to pack it in. 

Now. Keep in mind, the the people in your life are used to you being your same old same old, and they might be a little thrown off by the new you. And that’s o.k. We’ll help you manage that, too. 

Something new is possible

Don’t you think it’s about time to step up and do something different for yourself?

My first suggestion is to stop telling yourself that your next 50 years can’t be “knock your socks off amazing.” Seriously. Just stop telling yourself that this isn’t possible.

It’s time you take your power back. You can have dreams for yourself. Not only is it possible, I believe that it is imperative. Take your life by the horns and give it a good shake. When you aren’t living your best-lived life, when you stay stuck and don’t take the next steps forward, it isn’t serving anybody. 

Are You the Glue that Holds it all together?

The women I work with worry that the people in their lives will resist their future selves showing up to the party. They have been the
glue that has held it all together for so long, and they worry that if they let go of any of it, life will not work. They genuinely believe that it’s their job to take care of everybody and everything else, and if they don’t, they wonder who will pick up the pieces.

They resign themselves to the idea that nothing ever truly changes and that if it can’t change, why even if they try.

Carefully made plans, if they’ve had time to think about and put their toe in the water, get squashed. Every. Single. Time.

Other stuff just keeps getting in the way, right? 

Guess what, my friends? Anything that you want in life IS available!

Who says that the impossible isn’t possible?

Who says you can’t do the impractical, the improbable, the “never going to happen?”

Who says that your predictable future has to come to pass? 

I’m guessing that you want to have dreams, and that you simply aren’t allowing yourself the freedom to even consider that which you can’t see at this point, right? But you’d like to have them if you had time to even think about them. The option should be there. 

Live the life of your dreams

What’s fun about getting some help in navigating your future is that you discover how to get unstuck. And you also find that no one you love
needs to get hurt in the process. 

Are you ready to stop living that back-burner self? To get unstuck? To have the next best version of yourself show up to the party you call your life? 

Schedule a session to check it out. The link is at the bottom of my home page.

Why not schedule a free consultation? It’s a 60-minute dip into what’s keeping you stuck, and I promise I won’t bite.

Yes and no are perfect answers in my book. Let’s see if we can help you not only get unstuck but to get unstuck for good.