Stop the political squabbling already. Please.

The Pandemic and the unhelpful response

Thinking about the the facts of what is happening in our world with regards to the Covid-19 virus feels pretty horrific to me. And what makes me feel even worse? My thoughts about all of the political squabbling…on ALL sides. All of that energy being utilized to finger point. To assign blame.


It seems to me such a waste of energy!  Why are we not thinking outside of that small-minded human box?


Because we’re human and that’s how the average human thinks.


Examples of The Do-ers


And then there are other humans we can look to. Those humans who are getting into gear, accepting the current circumstance and making a difference. The researchers, the medical communities, the philanthropists. We can take a lesson from these people. They are not sitting around using their resources to assign blame, to feel better about their opinions, to make money by having other people listening to them, and pretty much not being very helpful. They are getting into gear and DOING something. Thank goodness.


For heaven’s sakes, people. Let’s work together to help the world.


Stop Fighting What Is 


There is an amazing truth I have discovered in life. CHOOSING what is, as if we had CHOSEN it in the first place is POWERFUL. I know that sounds crazy, right? Hang in there.


It’s already happening. We can’t change the past. So just CONSIDER how powerful it can be if we stop fighting the facts, we accept the facts, and then we go one step further and actually CHOOSE the past, as if we had chosen it in the first place.  Keep reading…


Go with me on this one.  Choose. The. Corona. Virus.


All of it.


The virus.


The mistakes in getting on top of it.


The steps that were missed to change the current course.


When we are focused on what’s wrong, we keep ourselves from the seeing the BIGGER picture.


“I got it.”


THAT sentence is SO POWERFUL.  It’s like putting on your big girl pants and moving forward.


CHOOSING what “is” is where the greatest power to move forward comes from. Where true possibility lies. When we accept what IS, and not just accept it, but CHOOSE it, seeing it from neutral, just a circumstance, something that happened, then our brain stops fighting all of the lower brain’s impulses to see everything through the lens of “THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG HERE,” and we actually free up brain space to THINK SOMETHING HELPFUL.


CHOOSING what is, as if you had chosen it in the first place, is a very powerful place to stand. Free of judgment. Free of make wrong. Free of the fight. Where there is a stillness. A beautiful space of awareness. Acceptance and being free from resistance, doesn’t mean condoning. A better word is “acknowledgment” of what is. Just non-resistance and a peaceful awareness. THEN, when we can sit still for just a moment, and stop fighting the facts, we can so much easier see what can possibly come next.


When we are being still with what is, seeing the facts of reality, and seeing them as neutral, we can truly access our creative genius and possibly make THE difference. We’re not stuck in pointing fingers or simply protecting ourselves.


The lower brain really keeps people stuck and we miss out on what’s possible and our role in that space.


Learn from the Trees


The trees know

That you can be

Still and grow





-Chris Mc Geown


Trees stand in the face of all the storms of life. Yes, they bend, and yet they do not fight the wind and the rain. They are still in the face of the storm. Doing their best to reach the sun, their branches and their roots solidly extended to that which brings them life. We can take a lesson from the trees.


When I am presencing myself to stillness, especially when I am experiencing circumstances that create in me an impulse to run screaming from the room, I pay attention and am aware of the energy field that shows up in my personal space.  For me, I can best describe it as a low hum. Maybe that’s what is showing up inside the tree.


I love that neutral space. I absolutely love it. For me, that is where possibility exists in its latent form. Waiting to come forth in all its potential magnificence.


Where does True Power Come From?


When we drop all of the sentences in our head that create judgment, that justify our position and opinions, that create resistance, what happens can be magical. We actually create the space necessary for our brains to think thoughts that are quite different from that old tiresome argument. We actually have the mental space and energy to consider what to do NEXT.


This is where true power comes from. Where we tap into our creative genius as human beings.


Consider that the pandemic we are experiencing is an invitation to do something different. Open up to what’s possible in the human experience.


It starts with a commitment to stop fighting what “is.”


What you resist,  persists, so they say.


Let’s consider there truly is a different, and much more powerful approach.


Stop fighting, put on your big boy pants, and make a difference.