Here’s something to think about today. 


Stop. Ask yourself, and really pay attention to the answer….


“How does it feel when I ask myself a question?”  


Questions like, “Why is this happening?” “How do I fix this?” “Why isn’t this working?” “What’s wrong with me?” “How did I get myself into this situation?” “When will this be over?” 


How does asking those questions make you FEEL? 


How, What, When, Where, and Why can keep us spinning.   And often they become indulgent. In other words, they keep us out of action and often keep us wanting more and more, and often lead to emotional childhood…aka victim mentality.   Which is the opposite of getting something done. Actually creating and producing the life that we want. 


Then STOP. Ask yourself this question, like REALLY


“How does it feel when I have an answer for myself?”  


Calm? Confident? Assured?


Often, we spin in questions, questions, questions. 


When every answer that we need is already inside ourselves. 


We have more wisdom than we give ourselves credit. 


When we indulge in questions, it creates HOW GREED. 


And when we indulge in HOW GREED, it  just opens the door for wanting more and more answers. 


And we feel incomplete, confused, and unsure.  


There is another option.  When your brain asks you questions, answer the question. 


Power comes from answering your own questions. 


Every answer you need is already inside of you.   


“I don’t know” is indulgent. Instead, ask yourself, “If I did know, what would it be?” 


Then LISTEN to the answer.  Even if the answer is  “I may not know yet AND I’m trusting myself. I’m on the road to figuring it out” will serve you SO MUCH BETTER than “I don’t know” or, “Why can’t I figure this out?”


Remember. Your feelings drive your actions. Wouldn’t you rather be taking action from feeling CONFIDENT rather than feeling CONFUSED?  


I would. 


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