Today’s world is tricky to manage, to say the least, and yet as parents we worry that if the world is tricky for us to manage, how in the world are we to expect our kids to manage their emotional well-being in this fast-paced, demanding world that they live in? How do we help them with things like stress, anxiety, fitting in, behavior challenges, their self-image, self-acceptance, concerns about their future, their schoolwork, let alone their ability to navigate life with the digital world that they have at their fingertips?

Well, my friends, there are many things that we can do that will actually make THE difference in their lives and create the kind of impact that will have a long-lasting effect. We can help them set themselves up for a life where they can create dreams and make them a reality. And the great news is this doesn’t have to take years of therapy to arrive at new results.



How do we do this? We teach the tools of mental fitness by teaching MANAGED THINKING. Some people call it mindfulness, which is at the root of everything that we do in life. 

Our results in life have are direct reflection of the thoughts that we have been thinking.  


And our thinking starts with our brains, which if left unsupervised, can act like an upset 4-year-old, which most likely won’t serve us in ways that are very helpful.



Too often the thoughts that are at play in our lives are created by default and we don’t realize that we are actually at the helm of our lives. We mistakenly think that life happens TO us rather than realizing that we actually are at the root of everything. 

We can empower our kids with tools to help them navigate their world in a positive way, where they won’t be knocked off their game by what happens to be showing up in their lives. With coaching, you will discover the skills needed to help your child stop the unhealthy thought patterns that are creating negative results in their lives. 

Healthy thoughts create healthy results.

What is possible for them, you might ask? 

Feeling better, discovering how to be happy, creating healthy behaviors, as well as the ability to coach themselves with their thoughts. 

They will discover how to actually create dreams and turn those dreams into reality, something they may not have done for a while because they are busy just surviving their day. 

You can think of what I offer as a little like going to the gym, but rather than working on physical fitness, we work on mental fitness, with the brain at the center. We start by teaching them to look at their thoughts, almost as if they are holding them in the palm of their hands and seeing them from every angle. 

“Is this thought serving me?” If not, I teach them how to change it for lasting results.

This is where I come in. I am Sue Nelson, a Life Coach with The Life Coach School, and I am ready to help you create a lasting and powerful impact upon your family by teaching you hit the road running kinds of tools that will start to make the difference you’ve been looking for. 

Relief is just around the corner. 

Our thinking creates our feelings, our feelings generate our actions, our actions create our results. 


So, the key is to start helping them look at the source of it all, and that is with their thoughts.