Stop Fighting. Start Flourishing



You’re watching your children fight AGAIN! You want it to stop. They are driving you crazy. You can’t find a way to stop them. They won’t listen to you. You’ve tried everything and don’t know what to do. You’re exhausted. You think, “Someday they’ll regret the way they are treating each other. I hope they have children just like THEM so they know how terrible this is.”



Do you want a solution?



Do you want to feel better now?



To add to the situation, usually you find yourself getting pulled into the situation and adding to the argument and things go from bad to worse.



Now you feel terrible. They feel terrible.  Nothing good is coming from all of this negativity.



It’s interesting because what is actually happening is that you THINK you are feeling terrible because of their behavior, but you are actually feeling terrible because of the way this is making you FEEL.



What if you could feel better now, without them changing a single thing?



That’s the power that comes from self-coaching, which is what I help people learn to do. With coaching, you get to focus on your life in a way that makes you feel good. And when you have less resistance to the situation, you actually influence your family towards positive change. Your mind is clear, you feel hopeful, and you actually start to see solutions.



Have you ever heard the saying, “What you resist persists”? 



The best part about this situation is that you do actually have control in this situation, and  it all starts with you.


It’s possible. I’ve done it. And I can help you to do it, too.



Click on the link on my homepage for a free session where I show you exactly how to stop fighting and to actually begin to flourish.




In the meantime, why hand over your power to someone else? Why let them determine how you are going to feel?



Practice thinking these thoughts instead…



    • It’s normal for kids to fight.
    • This is part of them figuring out their life.
    • They have the right to respond honestly to their environment.
    • They don’t like feeling badly any more than I do.
    • If they REALLY don’t like feeling badly, they’ll figure out how to stop it.
    • I’m going to quit adding my negative response to the mix.
    • I’m going to let them work this out.
    • It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
    • I really have been making more of this than it deserves.
    • It’s pretty funny how much I’ve been making of this.
    • It feels good to get my perspective back.
    • These really are great kids. (My spouse is actually pretty great.) We’re all in this together.
    • I like knowing that I have the power to control my own (thoughts) and feelings.
    • I like the idea of influencing my children (and husband/wife) to feel better.
    • I like knowing that they get to choose how they feel.
    • I love knowing that I get to choose how I feel about how they feel.


And for your information, fighting is a drag. Flourishing is SO much better. Just sayin’. J