Give your brain a new job!


Did you know your brain has a job? Yep! AND it’s super efficient at getting the job done! It’s not a quitter. It keeps doing its job over and over and over again. And sometimes the job its doing is actually TERRIBLE! And it doesn’t even know it. Maybe you could try something new and give it a NEW job. One you give it intentionally! I call these BRAIN TWEAKS…And they’re free.  You actually create them yourself and I can show you how. Let’s look for a minute so you can learn a few tricks to create your own brain tweaks…or what I call MAGIC BEANS for your soul.


When we think…                                          We get: *


“I’m so stupid.”                                            * I don’t learn effectively.

“I’m trash.”                                                  * A lack of self-love. Self-hate. Self-harm.


“I’ll never figure this out.”                           *I don’t figure it out or it takes FOREVER.


“I’m broken.”                                               *I am never enough. I don’t see myself as whole and complete.


“I don’t know how to be alone.”                  *I’m not content either way. Alone or not.


“I can’t handle this.”                                    *I don’t handle this very well. I’m a wreck.


If we find ourselves thinking these kinds of thoughts regularly, our brain will prove we’re right. It’s what it does. It’s actually doing its job. “See. I told you so!” is it’s unhelpful little mantra.


This is when we use a thought tweak.  It doesn’t even have to be a major thought shift. It can just be a TINY, ITTY BITTY  LITTLE tweak and it’s like changing the trajectory of a missile…one tiny little change and it misses its target completely and we end up with a totally different result.

It’s magic, my friends.


Try these tweaks on for size and see what evidence your brain starts to find…TRUST me. It will start to do the job it’s given.


“Hmmm. Maybe I’m not that stupid. I wonder if that’s actually true?”

“I’m considering the idea that I’m not trash after all.”

“I’m looking for ways that I’m not broken.”

“Maybe I can be alone AND be happy. I’m going to think about that.”

“Maybe, just maybe, I CAN handle this.”


I call thought tweaks magic beans. It’s amazing what thoughts start to show up in the background (and grow) when you add a thought tweak. You don’t even have to try. Your brain simply starts to do the new job it has been given. (It’s a little crazy and it works.)


I had a client text me this morning, SO excited that his first thought when he opened his eyes this morning was, “I don’t need someone to be happy. I’m going to embrace the fact that I am single.”  He had been living with the idea for YEARS that he couldn’t bear to be alone, and that thought brought him a great amount of pain, which squarely put him into very dysfunctional relationships and created suicidal thoughts less than a week ago. Thought tweaks, my friends, are magic, indeed! He employed a little thought tweak a few days ago, and now his brain has a new job. AND it’s finding evidence that it’s true. He CAN be happy AND be alone. And the great thing is, when he decides not to be alone in his future, he won’t be happy because he’s needy. He’ll be happy because he can be. Either way.


One thing to remember, however…the thoughts that we believe and have believed for a very long time have created neural pathways in our brains that make it easy to think these thoughts. Our brain is very used to the old thoughts that aren’t serving us very well. When we start to create these new thought shifts, it is very important that we continue to actively manage our brain and what it is thinking because our brains will be sneaky and try to get us back to the old way of thinking, not because it’s better for us, but simply because it is familiar and feels comfortable. That old thought is SUPER easy for your brain to think. It has thought this old thought for a very long time. When we start to look at our brains from an outside perspective, we can start to call our brains out on what is happening in there and we’ll get better at not getting hijacked by what it has loved to tell us for a long time. We CAN create these new pathways of thought and when we do, we WILL start to get different results.


Thought tweaks are brain tweaks that we need to continue to intentionally use. We will have breakthroughs. It will feel like magic. AND we will need to manage our thinking on an ongoing basis.

Thought tweaks are one of the first tools I teach for a healthy emotional fitness routine. If you want a little help to get started, I’m happy to give you a free mini-session for free. Click on “book a session” on my home page. It’s pure magic for your soul!