I Have Always Loved Books.

I remember as a young child, when our parents weren’t so afraid to let us roam the neighborhoods on our stingray bicycles, I would grab a nap sack, sneak my brother’s very cool bicycle from the garage, and head off to the library. I remember combing the shelves jammed with books and taking in the musty smell of dust and fondly looking for my favorites so I could read them again and again. I discovered that books had the power to take me places I could only dream of going, to far off places, enabling me to become friends with all kinds of characters.

A Book Can Change Your Life

As I grew older, my love of books led me to discover that books not only opened a window to the world of possibility, but I found that there were many that would change my life forever. Books that that spoke to me and gave me tools to live a better life. Books where others shared their most intimate experiences and showed me ways to have courage, resiliency, and that literally changed how I saw the world.

As much as I would like to have a new digital app that enables me to do a brain share with all of you, that works likes an Apple Share, for instance, that just isn’t possible. If I had my wildest dream come true, I would love to brain dump the amazing little gems that these books have contributed to my life with everyone. Since that isn’t possible, I think I’ll just list them here.

My Current Favorites

1.    Self-Coaching 101 – Brooke Castillo

Brooke is my mentor and probably the most brilliant person I have ever personally encountered. She is who I received my life coach training from and she has literally changed my life. You can currently find her book on Amazon. I also provide this book to my clients in digital format when they come and work with me. It’s simply amazing and gives you the tools to practice what I teach. For those who aren’t working with me, it gives a great way to start a D.I.Y. approach to a healthy mental fitness.

2.    A New Language For Life: Happy No Matter What – Louis Koster

This book came into my hands at a particularly difficult time of my life. I love this book and author so much that I actually purchased 4 physical copies. I have a tendency to loan out my books and I’m terrible at keeping track of where they go, so I figure 4 copies should do me. I don’t believe this book is currently in print, but I’ve always been able to find a used copy on Amazon. For months I carried a copy of this in my purse. It is also available as a free download from the author’s website, louiskoster.com.

I love Dr. Koster’s personal journey where he discovered that his thoughts are not him. Sometimes we mistakenly believe that our thoughts are who we are. When something happens, we have a thought about it so fast, that we live as if the thought is the truth. Actually, our thoughts about what happened can be optional. When we discover this truth for ourselves, anything becomes possible.

3.    A New Earth – Eckhart Tolle

This book is one that, for me, needed to be read slowly to really understand what he is sharing. I usually like to consume information like a firehose coming at me, but this one is one that you need to take your time to really understand the depth of what he is talking about.

I also love his book called, The Power of Now and especially, Practicing the Power of Now. I purchased the latter in digital format so I could take it with me on my phone.

4.    Loving What Is – Byron Katie

Katie shares her story of personal transformation that changed her life and started her life’s work of contributing to others. She shares that “it’s not the problem that causes our suffering: it’s our thinking about the problem.” This way of seeing the world is at the core of my coaching, helping people discover how to change their thinking in ways that serve them better and help them to feel better very quickly.

5.    Whole Brain Child – Daniel Siegel, M.D. and Tina Payne Bryson, PH.D.

For parents, especially. This book helps parents to see their child from a brain perspective. Seeing into a child’s life by looking at what could possibly be going on in their brains gives us the ability to actually be helpful rather than just staying frustrated, scared, or angry. Accessing our THINKING is the KEY to finding answers to help ourselves and our children.

These authors have also written, No-Drama Discipline, a book that gives practical ideas in the day to day interactions that you have with your child that comes from the whole brain perspective. You find information about their “Upstairs Brain” and their “Downstairs Brain,” terms to distinguish between our pre-frontal cortex and our primitive brain. They each have their essential contribution to our lives, and yet the primitive brain can create a lot of problems that don’t need to get in our way.

6.    D.A.R.E. – by Barry McDonough

This book is a MUST read if you are experiencing any unwanted , intrusive thoughts. It speaks to the problem of ANXIETY, but the process he outlines to handle these unwanted emotions is applicable to any thoughts that keep us stuck and scared. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE. this book. Another one I have on my phone for quick reference when I find myself in a pickle. PERFECT for a parent to manage their own thinking as well as learn how to help their child manage theirs!

7.    The Growth Mindset Playbook, A Teacher’s Guide to Promoting Student Success. – Annie Brock and Heather Hundley.

Let’s face it. We are ALL teachers of our children. Parents are on the front lines. This is not a guide just for teachers in the classroom. These principles apply at home. Search the other resources these authors have available. Their presentation of these ideas will help you to make a difference in the dynamics of your home and help empower your children with confidence. This supports the positive parenting approach. How we think will determine our results. When we start to utilize more empowering ways to think for ourselves, our lives literally shift and we feel better, we get the results we want, and we can actually start to get live life in ways that we currently may not even see as possible. The cool thing is when parents start to get this for themselves, they can model and teach how to think for better results to their children.

This is a good list to get you started. Like I said, I like to give it to my clients like a firehose.