Are you a smart, capable woman

who is pulled

in every direction?

Are you pouring all of your energy into everything and everyone else around you?

What if I could show you how to have your own back and it didn't require sacrificing yourself OR the people you love?

Click below to access one simple exercise you can practice for the week. It will help you start to feel better already.


The coaching program where women who are great at taking care of everybody else, 

learn to finally take care of themselves, too.

It’s time for you to…   


And if not now, when? 

Hi. I'm Sue.
I'm a life coach and I can help.

I know it feels good to be the one everyone can count on. You’ve got skills, and everybody knows it.

It feels good. Until it doesn’t. Then it starts to feel resentful.

Giving everything you’ve got to everyone else gets old. You end up feeling stuck. And angry. Discouraged. Sad. Hopeless. 

Not much fun, right? But I bet it feels oh so familiar. And scary. Because your breaking point feels way too close. 

You know, deep down, that if things stay the same, you’ll slowly die inside–because you know that something is wrong. Your happy days are few and far between. You know you’re stuck, can’t get out, and most days you don’t have the energy to try.

Don’t worry. I’ve got you. 

Seriously, I get it. I’ve been there, and through coaching, I learned to get myself out.

And now it’s my mission to help other women do the same.

I’ve worked with countless women who were feeling stuck. Who were tired of giving their all, with nothing left for themselves. Who desperately hoped that there was something more to life than “this.

I have hope for you, my friend. What if you could have a little peace of mind and time to take care of yourself? A little breathing room? Maybe even some adventure added to the mix while we’re at it? 

I can show you how to have your own back. Without sacrificing yourself OR the people you love. 

The first step is easy. Just CLICK the button below.
I have one simple exercise I want you to practice this week.

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Working with Sue has been life changing. She has given me all the tools to manage my thoughts, to get me out of a negative thought cycle and create the life I want - not only the life I want but the confidence to reach for so much more.
After working with Sue, I am now able to recognize negative feelings, learn from them, and not sit with those feelings too long. Instead, I can turn things around and empower myself to move on, taking action that gives me my desired results.
Coaching with Sue has been so insightful... and delightful, actually. I feel like I have really learned so much about myself that I can apply immediately. I feel so excited that having a coach is not something I’ll have to have for the rest of my life— I’m actually learning to do this for myself, which is exciting.

Are you ready to stop
feeling Stuck?

You already know there has to be something more
and you are ready to have a say in what that looks like.

Click the button below to discover one simple exercise
to start feeling better now.

Self-Care without sacrificing the people you love.

It is possible, my friends.

And it's a beautiful thing.