Are you a smart, capable woman who feels stuck?


It's time for you to

Finally Flourish, too.

You've raised your family, and yet you still feel pulled in every direction.

...and you're tired.

You are wondering, "Is this it?"
"Will I ever have a chance to focus on my own interests again?"

Guilt Free living,
without sacrificing the people you love.

Hi. I'm Sue. I coach smart women over 50 who are stuck. Really stuck and who want desperately to get UNSTUCK!

Are you worried that if you take the time to do something for yourself, something else will have to give?

Maybe you've decided to try something new, but something or someone else always seems to get in the way.

Are you feeling a little stuck?

Life – It’s an inside job

Get unstuck

In order to get unstuck in any area of your life, you don’t have to wait for anyone or anything else outside of you to change. I know that’s hard to believe. And it’s true. 

When you switch up how you show up in life, the world around you starts to look a little different. At first, it might feel a little bit uncomfortable. You’re not used to being your new self. And the people in your life are used to you being your same ol’ same ol’ and they might be a little thrown off by the new you. 

Maybe you lack courage to grab life by the horns and take it on. Maybe you are feeling like your time is just never going to show up. Everyone and everything else always seems to get in the way. 

You understand deep down that if things stay the same, you are going to stay stuck. Nothing is going to change and you will keep dying slowly inside because you know that there is more to life than what you are currently experiencing. You see the possibilities around you and yet it’s hard for you to believe that it is there for the taking. 

Things always seem to stay the same

Adventure. Love. Connection. Vibrant living. Passion. Freedom.  Maybe that’s possible for me. 

And you feel guilty for even thinking such a thing. 

“I should be grateful,” you may say. “Who am I to think it’s finally my turn to thrive? Maybe I was wrong in thinking that someday I’ll have time to take care of myself and do what I want.”

Something new is possible

Guess what? Throwing yourself under the bus is a big fat excuse. A bogus story that isn’t serving anyone very well. It’s time to step up and do something different for yourself.

I help women drop the lie that the next 50 can’t be “knock your socks of freaking amazing” and I help them to get their power back. I help them learn that they can (and must) have dreams for themselves. I help them discover that what they’ve been telling themselves for years isn’t really serving anybody. 

The women I work with worry that the people in their lives will resist their future selves showing up to the party. They resign themselves to the idea that nothing ever truly changes and that it can’t change, even if they try.

I help my clients discover that anything that they want in life is available to them. 

Who says that the impossible isn’t possible?

Who says that the impractical can’t be done?

Who says that the most probable has to come to pass? 

Who are “they” anyway to cut your life’s dreams short? Dreams that you may not even see at this point?

What’s fun about jumping in to life coaching and getting some help navigating your future is that you discover how to live the life of your dreams. And you also discover that no one you love needs to get hurt in the process. 

Are you ready to stop living that back-burner self?

Are you ready to finally get unstuck?

Are you ready to be the next best version of yourself now?

 Click on the link below to schedule a free consultation. I won’t bite. I promise. It’s 60 minutes with no pressure involved. Yes and no are perfect answers in my book. Let’s see if we can help you not only get unstuck, but to become unstuckwittable! 

TEll me, 

What is it you plan 

to do 

with your 

one wild 

and precious life? 

– Mary Oliver

Yes. It’s time to LIVE your life.


If not now, when?

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